When children became targets of Russian mercenaries
15/06/2021 05:45 |
Watch CNN's harrowing report uncovering evidence of human rights atrocities
15/06/2021 04:16 |
CNN has uncovered disturbing evidence of human rights atrocities by Russian mercenaries in the Central African Republic. CNN's Clarissa Ward and her team were denied entry to the country because of CNN's previous reporting on the activities of the mercenaries. But working with local journalists and an independent investigative group The Sentry, CNN has assembled evidence of a pattern of abuses, which one UN expert says may amount to war crimes.
New emails show how Trump and his allies pressured DOJ to challenge election results
15/06/2021 14:59 |
New emails show how former President Donald Trump's White House assistant, chief of staff and other allies pressured the Justice Department to investigate claims of voter fraud in the 2020 election -- and how Trump directed allies to push then-acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen to join the legal effort to challenge the election result, according to a batch of emails released by Democrats on the House Oversight Committee on Tuesday.
McConnell dismisses Trump DOJ's secret seizure of data
15/06/2021 12:38 |
CNN's Chris Cuomo looks at President Biden's performance on the NATO world stage, and goes after Senate Minority leader Mitch McConnell's defense of Trump DOJ's secret seizure of data.
US and Europe end Airbus-Boeing dispute as they eye threat from China
15/06/2021 12:44 |
Key topics Biden will discuss at US-EU summit today
15/06/2021 10:03 |
Controversial Jerusalem march set to go ahead as first test for new Israeli government
15/06/2021 11:07 |
A controversial right-wing Flag March through east Jerusalem is set for Tuesday after Israel's new government green-lighted it on Monday.
Why Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump are on a 2022 collision course
15/06/2021 15:38 |
Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell made one thing very clear: He is going to work very hard to make sure that the strongest general election candidate emerges from contested GOP primaries for the Senate next year.
Key moments show Biden's decades of experience handling Russian leaders
// |
McConnell's new threat to Democrats: No Biden high court pick
15/06/2021 11:33 |
Mitch McConnell just did it again.
Taiwan reports largest daily incursion yet by Chinese air force
15/06/2021 13:15 |
Twenty-eight Chinese military planes flew into Taiwan's Air Defense Identified Zones (ADIZ) Tuesday -- the largest incursion since the self-ruled island began regularly reporting such actions last year, according to Taiwan's Ministry of Defense .
Covid lifted Prague's hangover. Now the city wants to quit partying
15/06/2021 11:37 |
Strolling across the Charles Bridge or having a dinner under Prague's famous Astronomical Clock is not something most locals would consider either fun or bearable.
2 dead, 2 injured in workplace shooting in Alabama, police say
15/06/2021 14:26 |
A shooting overnight at the Mueller Co. facility in Albertville, Alabama, left two employees dead and two injured, according to Albertville Police Chief Jamie Smith.
'Surprise is an understatement': Reporter on Marjorie Taylor Greene's apology
15/06/2021 14:00 |
Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) said that her remarks comparing masks mandates and vaccination passports to the Holocaust were "offensive" and offered an apology for them after visiting the Holocaust Museum. CNN's Ryan Nobles reports.
Pompeo launches political group with 2024 presidential election in sight
15/06/2021 13:22 |
Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo launched a new political group on Tuesday aimed at supporting conservative candidates ahead of the midterm elections and with his sights set on the 2024 presidential election.
IKEA, Lenovo and many more businesses still have products stuck in the Suez Canal
15/06/2021 08:01 |
The Ever Given is no longer blocking the Suez Canal, but the crisis is far from over for companies forced to endure a protracted legal battle in hopes of recovering goods worth hundreds of millions of dollars that have been stuck on the impounded container ship for months.
'You really feared the worst' for Christian Eriksen, says Finland captain Tim Sparv of opponent's collapse
15/06/2021 11:53 |
'Diamond rush' grips South African village after discovery of unidentified stones
15/06/2021 10:26 |
More than 1,000 fortune seekers on Monday flocked to the village of KwaHlathi in South Africa's KwaZulu-Natal province in search of what they believed to be diamonds after a discovery of unidentified stones in the area.
Hungary's parliament passes anti-LGBT law
15/06/2021 12:56 |
Thousands of Hungarians protested outside parliament in Budapest on Monday against legislation that would ban discussions of homosexuality or gender change in schools as Prime Minister Viktor Orban prepares for contested 2022 elections.
Berman to ex-QAnon follower: How could you believe that?
15/06/2021 14:02 |
CNN's John Berman speaks with Jitarth Jadeja, who followed QAnon for two years, about the FBI's warning to lawmakers that QAnon "digital soldiers" may become more violent.
Video shows Ocean City police use force on teens while trying to enforce ordinance on smoking and vaping
15/06/2021 14:43 |
Videos of police arresting people in Ocean City, Maryland, on Saturday while enforcing a smoking ordinance have highlighted the use-of-force techniques employed by the officers.
The World Wide Web's inventor is selling its original code as an NFT
15/06/2021 11:30 |
Tim Berners-Lee, creator of the World Wide Web, is auctioning off his invention's source code as an NFT.
China says radiation levels are normal around Taishan nuclear power plant after reported leak
15/06/2021 11:55 |
China said Tuesday that radiation levels around the Taishan Nuclear Power Plant are normal, following CNN's exclusive report the United States government was assessing a reported leak at the facility.
The first US state to shut down due to Covid-19 reopens today
15/06/2021 14:49 |
Multiple people are wounded in a shooting on Chicago's South Side
15/06/2021 13:26 |
Multiple people were wounded in a shooting Tuesday morning on Chicago's South Side, police said.
Finally, the US gets a strategy on fighting domestic terrorism
15/06/2021 10:33 |
For the first time the United States has a government-wide strategy to counter domestic terrorism. The policy, which the Biden administration rolled out on Tuesday, is long overdue.
Pennsylvania lawmaker to GOP: 'Are you not 100% White?'
14/06/2021 14:42 |
During a debate over a controversial fetal remains bills, Democratic state representative Brian Sims called out Pennsylvania's House Republicans for being overwhelming white and male.
An Olympic runner was banned after testing positive for a steroid. She believes it's a false positive from a pork burrito
15/06/2021 13:27 |
Olympic runner Shelby Houlihan said she has been banned from the sport for four years following a positive test for anabolic steroids that she attributes to eating a pork burrito.
Off-duty flight attendant assaulted two crew members on flight
15/06/2021 01:27 |
Incidents of unruly passengers on planes are skyrocketing as airlines start returning to full capacity. CNN's Dan Simon reports.
Myanmar releases US journalist Nathan Maung, who was allegedly tortured in prison
15/06/2021 07:00 |
American citizen Nathan Maung, who has been detained in Myanmar since March 9, was released and deported to the United States on Tuesday after charges against him were dropped, his lawyer said.
Explosive chemical factory fire forces evacuation
15/06/2021 01:57 |
Residents in Rockton, Illinois were ordered to evacuate their homes after a chemical fire broke out at the Chemtool Inc. plant.
Sri Lanka grants bail to captain of cargo ship embroiled in one of its worst environmental disasters
15/06/2021 05:19 |
The captain of a container ship that caught fire and partially sunk off the coast of Sri Lanka, causing one of the country's worst environmental disasters, was arrested Monday before being granted bail, local police said.
IKEA fined $1 million for spying on workers in France
15/06/2021 14:35 |
A French court has ordered IKEA to pay a €1 million ($1.2 million) fine after finding the Swedish retailer guilty of improperly using employee data.
Mysterious skin disease plaguing sharks near popular dive spot
14/06/2021 16:28 |
Scientists are studying whitetip reef sharks off the Malaysian coast to try and determine if lesions on their skin may have been caused by climate change.
Pink Floyd's Roger Waters says he turned down a 'huge' Facebook offer to use a song
15/06/2021 13:46 |
Roger Waters, a founding member of Pink Floyd, says he turned down Facebook after the company asked permission to use a song for an Instagram ad.
Southern Baptists grapple with race, gender, sex and God in pivotal annual meeting
15/06/2021 14:05 |
There's a political fight brewing inside the nation's largest Protestant denomination as the Southern Baptist Convention gathers in Nashville this week for its annual meeting.
Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are 'discreet' for a reason
15/06/2021 14:51 |
We don't know much about Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen for a reason.
Australia, UK announce post-Brexit trade deal
15/06/2021 14:22 |
Australia and the United Kingdom are set to announce a free trade agreement Tuesday as Britain continues to forge new economic relationships post-Brexit.
Moving portraits of gay fathers with their families across America
15/06/2021 12:48 |
A family of two dads and two young sons lay sprawled among white bed sheets, their hair mussed, pillows pushed aside during the reflexive movements of sleep. The boys take up most of the space despite their small frames; one child reaches his arm across his father's neck, their faces pressed together in a tender hug.
Malawi's landscape is clogged with plastic waste that could linger for 100 years. One woman has taken on plastic companies and won
15/06/2021 08:57 |
For more than five years, Gloria Majiga-Kamoto, a 30-year-old Malawian environmental activist, has waged a David v Goliath battle against some of the country's largest plastic manufacturers to bring an end to single-use plastics.
Step inside Maximos Mansion, the Greek 'White House'
15/06/2021 13:48 |
Nestled on a tree-lined street in Athens, the pale pink and white Maximos Mansion is the residence and office of Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis. Located just off the famed Syntagma Square, and near the Presidential Mansion and Hellenic Parliament, the modest low-slung building is neoclassical in style, welcoming visitors through a portico with twin ionic columns.
Never-before-seen Great Wall fort discovered
12/06/2021 13:08 |
The remains of a Great Wall fort dating back to the Ming Dynasty were discovered in Northwest China's Shaanxi Province.
160-year-old corporate giant is getting a serious makeover
15/06/2021 09:45 |
A once-in-century pandemic. Political polarization. The fight for social justice. An existential climate crisis. The modern CEO faces a minefield of vexing challenges every day.
Makeup may contain potentially toxic chemicals called PFAS, study finds
15/06/2021 10:40 |
The "No PFAS in Cosmetics Act" will be introduced in the US House and Senate on Tuesday following the release of a new study that found high levels of a marker for toxic PFAS substances in 52% of 231 makeup products purchased in the United States and Canada.
This is the most intimidating person Anderson Cooper has ever interviewed
14/06/2021 23:08 |
Anderson Cooper takes viewer's questions on what he did for his son Wyatt's first birthday party, and also discusses some of his most intimidating interviews. Watch "Full Circle" Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6p E.T.
Jessica Biel didn't mean to have 'a secret Covid baby'
15/06/2021 13:09 |
It's not like Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake set out to keep their second child a secret.
Stephen Colbert welcomes back live audience after 15 months
15/06/2021 07:25 |
Late-night host Stephen Colbert welcomes back a live studio audience for the first time in 15 months.
Russian mercenaries get the big-screen treatment. The reality behind the film is as murky as the plot
28/05/2021 14:35 |
It had all the hallmarks of a Hollywood premiere: Excited crowds, a giant screen, even a red carpet.
US and Europe end Airbus-Boeing dispute as they eye threat from China
15/06/2021 11:15 |
• Biden pushes China threat at G7 and NATO
Watch CNN in the UK: Live analysis as Biden lands in Geneva
// |
• Biden arrives in Geneva for Putin showdown after shoring up western support • LIVE: Key topics Biden will discuss with EU
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