About Copenship


A dry cargo operator, that can offer you transport solutions from 12,000 mt modern tween-deckers, through handy size and supramaxes up to panamax vessels.
With offices in Copenhagen, Sao Paulo, Singapore and London we are available to you all the time. We are flexible and fast, and these are values that we treasure. We believe that we will only be successful if our customers are successful.

Shipping is a conservative business and we honour the traditions through our membership of the old institutions such as the Baltic Exchange and Bimco. However we also insist that willingness to change is a must. Tomorrow is a new world and we are ready for it. We know our markets, our ports and our business.

This is our advantage and this is your gain.


We are big enough to offer you a transport solution no matter where, no matter when. We are small enough to make sure the freight will be competitive. Our size enables us to be flexible without being bureaucratic. We are old enough to be experienced and we are young enough to be hungry and aggressive.

Shipping is all about the relationship. The relationship is all about reliability and trustworthiness. We believe that we have proven ourselves to be a reliable and trustworthy partner since 1978 and we intend to stay that way.


Since 1978 we have been running a regular liner service. Loading on the continent and Mediteraneans ports via West Africa down to East Africa including Islands and back again. Our tonnage is modern multipurpose type of 6000 dwt upto about 22000 mts deadweight and we mainly carry Break-bulk/project and small parcels.

With our specialized tonnage we offer competitive freight solutions – full shipments as well as part cargo Including I.M.D.G. cargoes, inland transport and bagging/ strapping. We do it all.

Contact: Copenship MPP, Copenhagen.


When you carry cargoes in bulk, from handy size to Panamax, the key words are the same; reliability and economy. Customers demand an economical sensible solution but reliability is also a must. We have, for more than 30 years, made a living out of combining the two.

Coal, Ore, Grains, Fertilizers, Steel products or other commodities, our customers needs are our top priority. If changes are needed overnight we spare no effort in adjusting our service to meet the new demands. This is how we make a living.