Decontamination generator

Decontaminating rooms and facilities in the pharmaceutical industry
To decontaminate rooms in a GMP regulated environment we recommend the Bioquell Z-2. This is an easy to use mobile HPV generator that decontaminates GMP cleanrooms and laboratories up to 400 m3 as well as non-GMP cleanrooms, aseptic processing lines, biologic manufacturing plants, beiomedical facilities and biosafety/biosecurity areas. 

The Bioquell Z-2 provides enhanced HPV delivery and control via a simple touch panel interface. It is ideal for sterilising all surfaces within a room providing a 6-log reduction in environmental bioburden, the same standard used for validating steam sterilisers/autoclaves.

For further information please check the Z-2 brochure

Decontaminating equipment and small rooms
To bio-decontaminate a biological safety cabinet, isolators, freeze driers or small rooms up to 100 m3 we recommend the Bioquell L-3. The Bioquell L-3 utilises patented 'dual circuit' technology, minimising hydrogen peroxide usage whilst delivering the optimum amount of sterilant for a fast and reliable 6-log deactivation of viruses, fungi, bacteria and moulds.  
For further information please check the L-3 brochure

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