A&H Medical is new MMM Distributor
A&H Medical is proud to present the washers from MMM Group to our Danish and Swedish customers! We have been granted the exclusive distribution rights from December 2014 and we look very much forward to present the high quality washers.

Central Sterile Supply Departments
MMM has manufactured safe and cost-effective washing systems for Central Sterile Supply Departments for almost 60 years. MMM are experts when planning, setup and technical management of all devices, processes and procedures in central sterilisation facilities are involved. MMM understands this task as calculation of the required device capacities according to needs, provisioning of all required machines, validation of all processes in the CSSD, a process documentation system coordinated with all machines and comprehensive customer service. MMM develop solutions in which every detail is the perfect response to the particular needs of the customer. This ensures that the CSSD can meet the high quality standards.

Please see the  brochure for further details regarding washers for the Central Sterile Supply Department.

Ultrasonic bath
To clean the surgical and micro-surgical instruments we can offer the Ultramatic from MMM. The Ultramatic is an ultrasonic cleaner with an ultrasonic bath, which is universally accepted as both an independent cleaning method and as a preliminary step before further automated cleaning. Even the most stubborn soils are safely and completely removed.  

The Ultramtic is available in two sizes and as both a stand-alone system and as a build-in system.

Please see further specifications here

Disinfection of solid and porous goods
The risk of epidemics and disease transmission by multi-resistant germs and parasites is an increasing threat particularly in Health care facilities. Safe infection prevention is indispensable for any goods that are in direct contact with human, such as matresses, bed linen, clothing ect. Various methods - for example wiping disinfection - are currently in use to protect both personnel and the patients. However, if you want to be on the safe site, only automated steam disinfection is effective and reliable.

Please see  details here

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