Since IWT was founded in 1991, they have always been focusing on manufacturing of cleaning solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. Thanks to this long experience in the industry, IWT have built professional skills, knowledge and specific know-how that allow us to be considered a total washing solutions provider along with the related services (calibration - qualification – validation) rather than just a supplier.

The field of expertise ranges from the most simple glassware washer all the way through a full cGMP product (API) contact parts washers as well as high pressure washing solutions for bulk containers and CIP applications for multiple processing equipment.

Regardless of the product range, the distinctive elements has always been the highest standards of technology, the reliability, the robustness, the safety and the performance of our equipment with the aim to fulfil the most stringent requirement of the pharmaceutical industry with an eye always on minimizing the running costs and the environmental impact.

After plenty of successful installations all over the world and a lot of customer experience accumulated, today the IWT-solutions includes:

- Contact part washers (for COP Cleaning out of place)
- High pressure mobile washing solutions for CIP Cleaning in place
- High pressure washing cabins (for COP Cleaning out of place of bulk parts and  

Contact part washers 
The product (API) contact part washer (W300 series) represents an indispensable asset for those companies who like to eliminate the manual cleaning of the tools and the dismountable parts of their processing equipment.

This approach to the cleaning procedures allow a rapid return on investment (ROI) thanks to the optimization of the labour, the running costs and the increased safety for the operators. Automated cleaning procedures also bring all the benefits related to a reliable and validated process which is fully automated and traced for the peace of mind of the QA departments as well as an overall increase of the quality of the product released to the market (no risk of cross contamination between batches / AIPs).

Typical applications for this units are the cleaning (and the drying) of compressing tools, dosing pumps either from suppository and filling lines, flexible hoses and miscellaneous of tools like tri-clamps, bailers (from the weighing area), valves, filling needles, hoppers and feeding systems of the various equipment and any other component that require disassembly for cleaning.

All the parts are presented inside the washing chamber on dedicated, tailor made, racks specifically designed to facilitate the exposure to the cleaning solution. On completion of the cleaning process, the load is immediately ready to be re-used thanks the a highly efficient drying system that concur to minimize the down-time for the change of the production.

Smaller footprint and larger cabin - new W200
IWT has through the years gained lots of experience with improving and developing washers for the life science industry and the pharmaceutical industry. The purpose of this new washer was to design a washer with reduced footprint, bigger washing chamber, simplified design but still to a competitive price. IWT has indeed succeeded and A&H Medical are proud to introduce the IWT washer W200 to the pharmaceutical industry.

The W200 is as the existing W300 produced in two sizes. The footprint of the small W200 is 40 % smaller than the existing W300-025 and the usable volumen is 400 litres vs. 250 litres int he W300. The large W200 has a 38% smaller footprint than W300-050 and the volumen in the new W200-080 is 800 litres wheres as W300-050 only can contain 500 litres.

High pressure washing solutions 
The high pressure washing systems (MSC-Lines) offer an unlimited array of solutions thanks to the Mobile and the Cabin washing systems.

The mobile M-Line, is the perfect solution for the CIP of several processing equipment like Mixers, Blenders Coating machines and also for the cleaning (and drying) of the internal surfaces of IBCs, bins and drums. Whenever IBCs, bins and drums require internal and external cleaning (and drying), the C-Line cabin washer is the way to go.

Regardless of the specific product, M-Line or C-Line, the common and distinctive factor the MSC Product line is the use of high pressure technology.

Rinsing the pressure of the cleaning media at a value as high as 80 bar (adjustable) result in a very high and efficient mechanical action (like a mechanical scraping of the surfaces) which gives outstanding cleaning results also on the worst case scenario (hydrophobic compounds) as well as allow to speed-up the cleaning process whilst minimizing the water consumption.


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