UDF Modules with Negative Pressure Chamber

Downflow Module
If you need a class A environment we recommend the Downflow Module with negative pressure chamber, that provides a class 100 zone according to Federal standard 209D. It is designed to protect your requirements or your procedures from contaminations.
How does it work? 
The downflow module is a highly developed unit used to protect the material to be handled inside the working area. The unidirectional airflow in the working area protects the material against contamination from the surroundings.

The downflow module is constructed in accordance with the following standards:
  • Recommended Practice: IES RP-002-86; January 1986; Laminar Flow Clean Air Devices.
  • Den nordiske R3-Forenings Norm för öppna LAF-enheter
  • ISO 14644-4: Design, construction and start-up
  • ISO 14644-7: Separate enclosures
The downflow module has been thoroughly tested prior to leaving the factory in accordance with:  
  • IES RP-CC006.2
  • ISO 14644-2: Specification for testing and monitoring with a view to continued conformity with ISO 14644-1 
The downflow module helps you to create a clean zone tailor-made to your requirements with a standard product, this gives you a quick, easy and cost efficient solution. We join the modules together on your site to your requirements.  
Our standard downflow modules are stand-alone units based on 100% re-circulation through HEPA filters.   

Applications and options  
The module is equipped with a special flow sensor that automatically adjusts the down-flow velocity to ensure that the given values remain within those quoted above at all time, and compensating for the reduction in velocity resulting from the gradual built-up of particles in the HEPA filter. 

The module is operated through a soft touch control panel with full speed, half speed, full light, half light, emergency stop, visual downflow alarm. The lighting is built in between the HEPA filter and the filter sheet. The filter sheet (laminator) under the HEPA filter gives extreme uniform airflow in the working area.

The module is made in polyester coated steel DC 01 or AISI 304. 

The average downflow has a value of between 0.4-0.5 m/s ± 0.03, and all measuring points are within a tolerance of ± 20% around this average. The fans push approx. 1590 m3/hour per m2 of air into the pressure plenum and through the H 14 HEPA filters. 

The downflow module is normally fixed to a concrete ceiling by means of wire rods and expansion bolts. Alternatively it can be mounted on legs. 

The module can be equipped with transparent PVC plastic strip curtains on 4 sides.

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