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Laminar Airflow Equipment
Laminar Airflow equipment is ideally suited to many types of mechanical or processing work. Laminar Air Flow equipments are designed to provide clean air environment suitable for laboratory work, testing, manufacturing, inspection and/or pharmaceutical operations. Within Laminar Airflow Equipment A&H Medical offers you Laminar Airflow Cabins and UDF Modules with and with out negative pressure chamber to protect your processes.  

Laminar Airflow Cabin
The Laminar Airflow Cabin (LAF Cabin) combines good working conditions with safety and protection for products and the environment. 
How does it work? 
This LAF Cabin is a highly developed unit used to protect the operator against particle or microbiological contamination, when working in the laboratory.  
Equally the cabin will protect the “product” against cross contamination from the surroundings and the surroundings from cross contamination from the “product”.

The LAF Cabin is constructed in accordance with the following standards: 
  • Recommended Practice: IES RP-002-86; January 1986; Laminar Flow Clean Air Devices 
  • Den nordiske R3-Forenings Norm för öppna LAF-enheter 
  • ISO 14644-4: Design, construction and start-up 
  • ISO 14644-7: Separate enclosures 
  • and has been thoroughly tested prior to leaving the factory in accordance with: 
  • IES RP-CC006.2 
  • ISO 14644-2: Specification for testing and monitoring with a view to continued conformity with ISO 14644-1  
The standard types of LAF cabins are stand-alone units based on re-circulation of air through HEPA filters. 20% of the air is re-circulated to the room and 80% of air is re-circulated within the cabin.  

Applications and options 
  • Special flow sensor that automatically adjusts the down-flow velocity to ensure that the given values remain within those quoted above at all time, and compensating for the reduction in velocity resulting from the gradual built-up of particles in the HEPA filter. 
  • Soft touch control panel: Full speed, half speed, full light, half light, emergency stop, visual downflow alarm.  
  • Sound level inside the cabin at the centre of the work area 1.5 m above the floor: Inside the LAF cabin the sound level is 60 ± 1 dB(A). If required the sound level can be reduced to 52 ± 1 dB(A) inside the LAF cabin with extra sound insulation. The choice of this option would mean an increased height of 2900 mm (as opposed to the normal height of 2600 mm) and would require equipping the LAF cabin with exhaust to the environment outside the building to obtain optimum noise reduction.   
  • A vertical flow system of polyester coated steel with re-circulation via a back wall duct with built-in pre-filter. The system also includes an exhaust filter (ensuring in-going air flow in work area). Pre-filter Class G3 according to EN 779. HEPA and exhaust HEPA filter with an efficiency of min. 99.995% against particles of 0.3 µm. Class H14 according to EN1822.   
  • HEPA filter and light in ceiling and pre-filter at floor level.   
  • Unique filter sheet (laminator) under the HEPA filter gives extreme uniform airflow in the work area. Lighting built in between the HEPA filter and the filter sheet.   
  • The average downflow has a value of between 0.4-0.5 m/s ± 0.03, and all measuring points are within a tolerance of ± 20% around this average.   
  • The fans push approx. 1620 m3/hour per m2 of air into t

    he pressure plenum and through the HEPA filters.

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