Publish your company to the internet

You can publish your company to the Internet, which enables everyone to read info about the company etc., without being logged into Intersite. Members' data will not be published!


- Get a direct link that everyone can type into their browser, or you can post onto your own website.

- The company's published page will automatically be indexed on Google and thereby get more free branding and publicity for your company.

- Your company's members will get the opportunity to apply for membership in your company on Intersite from the company's own published page.

- The option to share your company's events on the company's published page, so you can get an overview without being logged into Intersite (you will need to log in to sign up for the event).

How to publish

1. Go to the administration of your company and select "Edit company".
2. Under "Options" select "Publish company to the Internet":

3. Click "Save"

Your company is now published to the internet with it's own address, the direct link can be found below the setting.

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