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With this feature it's possible to remove ads on all pages under your company on Intersite, and the public page for your company (this is the page that shows your company, and where visitors are not required to be logged onto Intersite).

As an alternative, you can insert logos, pictures and links from your own sponsors. Thereby offering your sponsors a whole new form of exposure, attracting new sponsors and expanding the exposure of current sponsors.

On the right side of all pages you can insert sponsor logos, pictures and links.

At the top of all pages you can insert big banners with links, e.g. main sponsors. These top banners will rotate for each page you visit.

With this module you can also insert sponsor logos on your own website. This would enable you to manage the sponsor logos professionally on your own website, and your Intersite site, from one central place. This way all sponsor logos, pictures and links can be maintained from Intersite.


1-200 registered members: DKK 99 per month
201-500 registered members: DKK 199 per month
501+ registered members: DKK 399 per month
(exc VAT)

Contact Intersite to activate sponsor advertisements or obtain more information


Once sponsor ads are activated for your company, you can create sponsors. Click "Administrate" and click "Own Sponsors".

Click "Add", and fill out the fields.

Name: Fill out the name for the sponsor.
Website: Fill out with the website address for the sponsor. All pictures will link to this.
Picture top (optional): Here you choose a banner to be shown in the top.
Picture right (optional): Here you choose a banner to be shown in the right side.
Picture public page (optional): Here you choose a banner to be shown on the public page.

Sponsor banners are best viewed if they have the recommended width.

You can always edit your sponsor banners later on, by moving them up or down, or change/delete them entirely, by clicking "Edit".

Do you want sponsor banners on the website for your company? This can be done quickly and professionally by inserting a piece of code.

Under "Administrate" click "Homepage Tools" and then click the tab "Own Sponsors".

When the type is selected, click "Update" and the code in the field below will be generated. This code is inserted on the website, and the sponsor banners will be shown and managed from Intersite.

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