Infection Control Enclosure for a safer patient environment

A&H Medical is proud to introduce a new invention to the Danish and Swedish health care sector: The ICE Pod. The Pod is a Hepa-filtered unit from Bioquell to isolate patients either to protect the surroundings against e.g. Ebola or other pathogens or to protect the frail cancer-patients or patients with open wounds from surgery or burn fire against infections.   

The Bioquell ICE-Pod has been developed to help health care workers to control outbreaks and manage patients who are known or suspected to be infected or colonised with a pathogen. Each Pod is tailored to an individual bed size and maximises therefore the patient care area and taking other ward-specific services and requirements into account. 

The Pod is a temporary structure that can be erected rapidly and helps to increase the flexibility of the hospital. The Pod is designed to give a modern look whilst creating a pleasant environment for the patients. An alcohol hand rub dispenser, gloves and gowning materials are mounted on the front fascia, helping to facilitate good hand hygiene and infection control practices.

To provide air circulation, a roof-mounted HEPA filtration air handling unit is provided. It can be used in conjunction with the Bioquell ICE-Pod's bi-folding doors to provide a negative pressure environment that limits the egress of potentially contaminated air when housing infected patients. The Bioquell ICE-Pod has also been designed with a rapidly deployable gas tight seal. This permits high-level bio-decontamination using HPV technology to be performed safely in under one hour. 

For more information about reducing the Hospital Acquired Infections for cancer patients using a Pod please click here. For information on Ebola and the opportunities with a Pod, please read the article here or see the  product sheet .

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