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New generation of bio-decontaminating for hospitals
Smaller, faster and with the gold standard in pathogen killing efficacy, the next generation of microbial eradication technology has been launched by Bioquell, the world leader in bio-decontamination.

Using the latest hydrogen peroxide vapour (HPV) technology to eradicate pathogens, Bioquell has been developing this new system to provide the Health care sector with an even more efficient and flexible bio-decontamination process.

The BQ-50 Works by depositing an even layer of 'micro-condensation' of HPV over all surfaces to eradicate the bugs. It now offers short cycle times, is simple to use and is a compact/portable size. These innovations anable hospitals to decontaminate patient rooms more quickly hence enhancingpatient flow without compromising infection control practices. The system is now ready to Work at the touch of a button, no more data entry is required as the machine automatically assesses all the influencing variables including room size and humidity level.

The ease of use has also been improved by reducing the number of cables and enabling wifi communication between the master vaporising generator, the aeration units and the command centre lectern. The size of the units has been significantly reduced to help provide easier handling around the hospital, Finally, the process of using the liquid sterilant has also been optimised to avoid any wastage.

Read the brochure here or see how the BQ-50 works:

Decontaminating rooms and facilities in the healthcare industry

For decontaminating rooms, facilities or laboratories up to 250 m3 Bioquell offers a user-friendly mobile hydrogen peroxide vapour (HPV) generator. The Bioquell Q10 is a unique parametic control system that provides fast and effecient  bio-decontamination cycles. The Q10 is ideal for high-level disinfection of all surfaces within an enclosed area, providing a 6-log reduction in environmental bioburden, the same standard used when validating steam sterilisers/autoclaves.

The Bioquell Q10 is suitable for Facility/area bio-decontamination in non-regulated/GMP areas including food manufacturing/processing, laboratories, biomedical suites, biosafety/bio security zones and heathcare facilities.

For further information please check the Q10 brochure.

Decontaminating equipment and small rooms

To bio-decontaminate a biological safety cabinet, isolators, freeze driers or small rooms up to 100 m3 we recommend the Bioquell L-3. The Bioquell L-3 utilises patented 'dual circuit' technology, minimising hydrogen peroxide usage whilst delivering the optimum amount of sterilant for a fast and reliable 6-log deactivation of viruses, fungi, bacteria and moulds.  
For further information please check the L-3 brochure

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