Entrance & Exit Control
Enter the Cleanroom and leave your particles behind - or exit your Cleanroom and leave your products behind! For this purpose A&H Medical recommends an Airshower which is a fully equipped and protected passageway that allows large numbers of personnel to pass into controlled areas without sacrificing convenience or cleanliness.

How does it work?
The Airshower is designed to remove surface contamination from personnel entering and exiting a production facility without influencing the existing ventilation system. HEPA filtered air is sent into the cabin through 30 nozzles with violent storm force and after 60 seconds at least 99,995 % of all particles bigger than 0,3 μm is retained. It is simple and safe to use, and by using practical and well-founded procedures it will ensure a very high level of protection for staff and environment.  

The Airshower is a fast and effective method of removing this surface contamination, contamination that will otherwise be carried directly to your cleanroom and deposited on your product and critically clean areas by sloughing off from the surface of the garments. 
Clean garments become contaminated during the gowning/ungowning process, general use and because of high traffic in the gowning area. The contamination problem is amplified when the same garment is worn several times or is taken on and off numerous times during the day.

The Airshower can be designed to meet your exact requirements. Please see standard meassurements and options in the brochure.

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