Pep Talk

An inspiring Pep Talk about motivation, focus, customer service and job satisfaction.
Who knows "focus" better than a person, which job is to control your focus?

Can a company run without satisfied employees and how do you make sure you deliver the best customer service?

In a combination of Pep Talk and entertainment Henrik Svanekiær explains, how the right focus can create job satisfaction and positive energy.

At the same time he explains his story of how he got engeneer with the highest overall average at the Danish University Of Tecnology but chose to become a fulltime entertainer and since then one of the most succesful Danish entertainers with 5 shows for the Royal Danish Family and more than 400 shows a year in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Germany, England, Scotland, Holland, Belgium, France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Poland, Greenland, Dubai, USA and in Australia.

"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take" , Michael Jordan, NBA Basketball Player

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