The Royal Danish Family

I can tell you that his Royal Highness Prince Henrik of Denmark was very pleased with your entertainment at the royal dinner. It was a very big sucess. Everyone - The Royal Danish family and the international guests were very enthusiastic and astonished!

Mogens Christensen
Colonel, Chief for his Royal Highness Prince Henrik of Denmark


Thank you for a fantastic show - people talked about it all night!
Your abilities are incredible. We will contact you again next year.

Mogens Nørgård Mogensen
Price Waterhouse Coopers

Novo Nordisk

Thank you!
I have received so much overwelling feedback after your entertainment at my reception. It was a great succes. Thank you for everything. I can say, it is highly addictive having you at a party.

Sten Scheibye

Chairman, Novo Nordisk A/S

Danske Bank

Thank you for an excellent performance last night. You 100% fulfilled my very high expectations and all the guest loved you.

Peter Straarup


An outstanding show! I have never experienced anything similar at a live show - ever! You make David Copperfield look like a circus clown.

Ulrich Christoffersen
Global Financing


Our guests are still taking about the magic!
Thank you for helping to make our event so memorable.
We will certainly recommend you in the future.

Alison Whitehead
Interim Marketing Co-ordinator

National Procurement Ltd. - Denmark

Fantastic how you can fascinate a group of people! In a split second you turn doubt into high enthusiasm by showing a variety of top quality magic masterpieces.
In harmonization with your great homour and professional appearance, I felt I was part of something great! Excellent! Excellent!

Erik Svaneborg

Citroën Denmark A/S

I would like to thank you for your professional performance, which Citroën Denmark A/S experienced as a good and appealing event. It gave our stand at the convention a large attraction you could not miss when walking by. At the same time I can inform you that Citroën will also use you in the future trade conventions and local activities.

Benny Larsen
Director of sale

Novo Nordisk A/S

Thank you for a great, incredible and excellent show. I have not spoken to one of the 300 spectators, that did not think, it was fantastic!

Steen Rasmussen
Chief of Tecnical Services


One laughs, wonders, is frustated and very curios to figure it out!
Henrik gave the good atmosphere to our Christmas party at Lundbeck and astonished everyone with his magic. We are still taking about the entertainment of Henrik and recommend him for any event!

Pia Soegaard Andersen
Corporate Project Management

Dantec Dynamics

Thank you for an amazing show. You took everyone by storm. The next day many of us discussed, analyzed, wondered and tried to recreate some of your effetcts without succes. We hope it is possible to book you again another time.

Kristian Askegaard


Thanks for a magical show. It was absolutely fantastic - I could not believe my own eyes because of the constantly surprising effects you made.

Sune Olsen
Director of sales
Henrik Svanekiær | Østre Strandvej 24A , 2680 Solrød Strand, Denmark | +45 51 62 11 66 |